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Wireless Villa

The Wireless Villa is the newest edition to our ECA product lines.

What is eCoupled Technology?

eCoupled technology is an intelligent wireless power technology that converts traditional surfaces into charging pads without the need for extraneous power cords. The technology was developed by Fulton Innovation LLC, based in Ada, Michigan. As a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, a global organization formed to develop a standard in wireless technology, they have helped lead the charge toward consumer availability of the technology. In June 2010, the Consortium introduced the Qi wireless power standard for handheld devices, requiring 5 watts of power or less, such as cell phones, digital cameras or MP3 players. eCoupled technology conforms to this Qi standard and is posed to be adopted by many in the consumer electronics industry.

What are the Advantages of pairing Wireless Technology with the ECA Villa?

Wireless technologies do require the use of a transformer to power their pads. The marriage of the Villa power base with wireless technologies such as eCoupled, provide an easy and convenient way to conceal and power the transformer discreetly. In addition, the Villa power vase provides additional convenience outlets both above and below the worksurface for powering ancillary devices that are not yet wireless enabled.

Please Note: An eCoupled compatible device is required to activate the wireless pad feature. If the device is not eCoupled compatible it will not work.